We invite you to enter a world where elegant and generous hospitality, style and simple luxury welcomes you

The Verandah House


The beautiful old Verandah House is where you will want to do all the cooking and entertaining whilst you are in residence. The open plan gourmet kitchen and living areas give you a sense of openness and at one with nature. The cabana and swimming pool are right outside for lazing in the sun.
You will find yourself wanting to return year after year to unwind and recharge in the lap of simple luxury.


The Studio


The Studio is old but new and offers a more contemporary style of luxury. It is a wonderful, relaxing place to watch a video or read a book.
Beautiful views of rolling hills and distant ocean views, orange trees, passion fruit vines, grapes and roses….that’s what you’ll find as you nestle happily in winter by the fire and relax, or explore the gardens in summer after a hard day of sunning and swimming.


The Gardens


The gardens at Verandahs have been maintained to the highest standard to give you a complete appreciation of all nature has to offer. Spend time in the garden lazing around the pool, have a delicious casual pizza lunch or play lawn games whilst sipping on a glass of wine. The birds at dusk will astound you, the trees and plants will entrance you and you will find yourself just wanting to stand still and soak in the gardens.