Terms & Conditions



Download T&C’s for signing

Please read these Terms and Conditions and consider them carefully before completing your booking. If you are satisfied with these Terms and Conditions please sign where indicated on Page 5 and return the signed version to enquiries@verandah-byron.com. The signed Terms and Conditions must be returned within seven (7) days of making the deposit payment.

The Terms and Conditions of the holiday letting as agreed by both parties are as follows.

1. To Make a Booking
To secure the booking a 50% deposit must be paid within three (3) days of booking the accommodation to
confirm the reservation. Non-payment of this deposit and failure to return the signed Terms and Conditions will be
deemed a cancellation of the booking. The balance of rent will become due and payable thirty (30) working
days prior to check-in date. We do not accept cheques on arrival. The person making the booking (“the tenant”)
must stay in the property and will be held responsible for the conduct of all the guests. The property is let to you for
holiday purposes only during the period of stay stated on your receipt. Under no circumstances is sub-letting
permitted. The balance of monies must be paid in full no less than thirty (30) working days prior to check-in date
(except in the case of Easter, Christmas and New Year bookings – (see 4 below) days prior to check-in date. All
rental monies and the security bond must be paid in full before any keys will be issued.

2. Security Bond
The security bond amount of $3,000 is required to be paid seven (7) working days prior to check-in date. If the
security bond is not received within this time the booking will be deemed cancelled. The secure is to be made by
bank transfer. The security bond is NOT part of the rental payment. Upon completion of the exit report, the security
bond will be refunded by direct deposit within 7-14 days from check out date and following the final clean and
inspection of the property at the end of the letting period.

3. Occupation/Functions
The premises are let to the Tenant for holiday purposes only. NO weddings, parties or other functions are to be
held on the premises at any time unless agreed with the owner in advance in writing. Depending on the function,
a venue hire fee may be charged. The number of guests must not exceed the number specified on the booking
sheet signed by yourself and failure to adhere to this term will result in immediate loss of the security bond.

4. Period for Easter, Christmas and New Year Bookings
The balance of all rental monies must be forwarded to Verandahs sixty (60) workings days prior to check-in date
unless otherwise organized. Should a cancellation be made prior to the three (3) months of check-in date an
administration fee of $150 will be charged; Cancellation within three (3) months of check-in date will result in a
forfeit of monies paid unless the property is re-let. A $150 administration fee will apply. Bookings made within two
(2) months of check-in require full payment on booking.

5. Insurance
NO responsibility is taken for guests’ personal property left on the premises. Landlord’s insurance does not cover
loss of or damage to guests’ belongings.

6. Strata Title Law
The Tenant and any guests are in a residential area and regard must be paid to neighbors and neighborhood

7. Pets
Family pets are welcome however, must be disclosed at time of booking. Please see Appendix A for conditions
under which pets are welcome at Verandahs.

8. Unsuitable Accommodation
The premises are let in good faith and Verandahs is careful not to misrepresent the details of the holiday rental
property. Verandahs will not be held responsible for changes to and or items removed from the property after the
time of booking. No refund is given if you are unsatisfied with your accommodation. Guests must accept premises
as “booked”.

9. Noise is a serious issue in Byron Bay
Good neighborly conduct is encouraged and tenants must not make excessive noise and play loud music. All
music must be turned down to audible level by 10.00 pm and care taken if you are outside as noise travels.
Disregard for this will result in heavy fines imposed by Byron Shire Council. If security personnel or police are called
to a noise complaint at Verandahs you will be evicted immediately, there will be no refund of tariff and no return
of your security deposit.

10. Call-out Fee
If a staff member is called out (for example following a noise complaint), a
$150.00 call-out fee will be incurred by the Tenant which is payable before the end of the tenancy.

11. Damage and Breakages
All damage, breakages or losses to the property, furniture and furnishings are to be reported to Verandahs upon
check-out and (if required) damage will be deducted from the security bond or before the end of the tenancy if
the cost of repair or replacement is significant. Should the Tenant discover a default or breakage on arrival please
advise Verandahs immediately otherwise we will consider this to have been the responsibility of the current
Tenant and you will be charged accordingly.

12. Appliance/Fixtures Repairs
Verandahs endeavors to have any repairs to appliances or other fixtures attended to as soon as possible.
However, in some unforeseen circumstances the immediate repair may be beyond our control. Verandahs or The
House of Morgan Pty. Ltd. for the consequences of any such unforeseen circumstances takes no responsibility.
There will be no refund or discounts deducted from tariffs for unusable appliances or items awaiting repair or

13. Keys
If keys are lost or misplaced a call-out fee of $150 will be charged. If keys are lost completely, for security reasons,
all locks will be replaced and the cost to replace will be charged to the Tenant.

14. Whilst in Residence
Our House Keeper, Emma Wright, can be contacted 0417 869 794 during normal office hours. For emergencies
outside office hours please call our Property Manager, Shaaron Yale on 0433 141 437

15. Check-in and Check-out
Verandahs’ check-in time is 2.00 pm and check-out time is 10.00 am unless otherwise agreed. A charge of $150
per hour may be incurred for late checkouts, unless agreed in advance with Verandahs.

16. Extending Your Stay
The Tenant is required to contact Verandahs on 0433 141 437 if you wish to extend your stay before it will be

17. Garbage
All garbage is to be placed in outside bins provided. Removal costs and tip fees will be deducted from security
deposit if the tenant has left excess rubbish. It is the responsibility of the tenant to put the garbage in the
appropriate bins, red for general garbage or yellow for re-cycle.

18. Extra Cleaning
Both houses must be left in the same condition as check-in. Charges will apply if Verandahs requires extra
cleaning due to the dirty or untidy condition in which the property has been left. This includes (but not limited to)
the emptying of fridges, emptying of kitchen rubbish and recycling bins and the moving back into position of any
furniture. Extra cleaning time will be calculated on the number of hours required over and above normal cleaning
time of 4 hours at a rate of $35.00 per hour x three cleaners. If extra washing and dry cleaning of soft furnishings or
the removal of stains from furniture is required these will also be changed at the cleaning rate. Replacement of
linen/towels may be required if they are beyond saving due to stains of any kind.

19. Parking
Verandahs only has parking for four cars at any one time. All cars must be parked on the sealed areas only. There
is absolutely no parking or driving allowed on the lawns. If any damage is done to lawns because of parking or
driving on the lawns the cost to repair them will be deducted from the bond. Extra care must be taken by all
tenants not to drive on lawns especially in wet weather.

Smoking outside and on verandahs only. All butts must be deposited into bins and not on the verandahs, gardens
or lawns. Cost to repair any damaged caused by cigarettes butt being stubbed out on verandah floorboards or
railings will be deducted from the bond.

21. Number of guests
The number of guests must not exceed number specified in the booking and failure to adhere to this will mean a
charge of $150 per person per night and/or immediate cancellation of the booking with no refund.

22. Schoolies Bookings
Verandahs does not accept Schoolies. Any booking made during this time by another party and not declared as
a Schoolies booking will lose all deposit and tariff paid and/or the immediate termination of guests will follow. The
number of guests must not exceed numbers specified on the booking sheet signed by you and failure to adhere
to this will mean immediate cancellation of the booking with no refund.

23. Candles
The use of candles sparklers or any products that may prove to be a fire hazard, must be pre-approved by
the Verandahs prior to check-in.

24. Functions or Events
If the Tenant wants to hold a function, (such as but not limited to) birthday celebrations/wedding/special
event for more than 9 guests prior arrangements must be made with Verandahs and may be subject to a
venue hire charge.

25. Pool & Cabana
For the safety of guests, the pool and cabana area is a “plastic only” area, which means no glass is allowed in this
area. There are plastic wine/champagne and water glasses in the Verandah House for use in the pool and
cabana area. If glass is found in the pool, the cost to drain the pool and refill will be taken out of the security
bond. All precautions and all pool safety regulations have been taken by Verandahs to keep the pool area safe
for guests. It remains the responsibility of guests to ensure that the pool gates are closed at all times and the safety
of children remains the responsibility of guests. Guests will not hold Verandahs or The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd.
responsible or liable for any accidents involving negligence. The pool cleaner visits Verandahs every Wednesday
to clean the pool.

26. Caretaker
The gardens are extensive at Verandahs and require regular maintenance so you may see the
caretaker/gardener(s) and pool maintenance person around from time to time during your stay.

27. Breach of Conditions
Any breach of the above conditions permits Verandahs to refuse the release of keys, amend the rent of the
premises and immediately terminate the tenancy. If a complaint is received concerning the conduct of persons
letting the property a warning of breach of Conditions will be given. A second visit will result in instant eviction with loss of any remaining rental.

28. Cancellation Terms
In the event of a cancellation, Verandahs will retain a fee as follows:
Initial 50% deposit is not refundable if the booking is cancelled within ninety (90) days of your stay. If you do
cancel the booking at any time after a deposit has been paid a $150 admin fee applies. If the booking is
cancelled less than thirty (30) days prior to check-in date and the full amount has been paid, any refund is
subject to a confirmed re-booking of the premises for the total period booked. If no re-booking can be made no
refund will be given. In the unfortunate event Verandahs has to cancel your booking a full refund will be made.