Wedding & Venue Hire – Terms & Conditions

The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd.
Terms & Conditions of Wedding & Venue Hire

Download T&C’s for signing

Please read these Terms and Conditions and consider them carefully before completing your booking. If you are satisfied with these Terms and Conditions please sign where indicated on the pdf version and return the signed version to our office. The signed Terms and Conditions must be returned within seven (7) days of making the deposit payment

  1. Booking & Confirmation

A booking is deemed confirmed once Verandahs has received the required deposit and the Terms & Conditions have been signed and return to Verandahs. Please confirm the availability of your dates with Verandahs before transferring the deposit. Unless otherwise agreed, dates are only tentatively held for seven (7) days on confirmation of your intention to book.

  1. Required Deposit

Until a deposit is made, we cannot hold the date(s) desired for your wedding or event. To secure your booking, please provide a deposit of 50% of the total booking fee – including venue hire and accommodation (if applicable). Please include your name on the bank transfer when making this deposit:

  1. Security Bond

The security bond amount of $3,000 is required to be paid seven (7) days prior to check-in date. If the security bond is not received within this time the booking will be deemed cancelled. The security bond is to be made by bank transfer. The security bond is NOT part of the rental payment. Upon completion of the exit report, the security bond will be refunded by direct deposit within 7-14 days from check out date and following the final clean and inspection of the property at the end of the letting period.

  1. Venue Hire

Hire of Verandahs for a ceremony and/or reception or event is for a ten (10) hour period only on the day of the event. The use of kitchens and appliances in both the Verandah House and the Studio House by caterers or guests of the event is not permitted unless prior approval for use has been given. The cost of the venue hire does not include setting-up the event; decorations, setting of tables, chairs or the moving/storage of Verandahs’ furniture if required by the Client. An additional charge will apply if the use of the Verandah House or the Studio House is required (other than accommodation) for the wedding/function or event.  Should pre or post events be required for your wedding or event, the costs associated with the event will be determined by Verandahs. These Terms & Conditions apply to all pre or post events. Verandahs can be hired for a wedding ceremony or reception only. Pricing for ceremony only will depend on the number of guests.

  1. Wedding or Event Location
    Venue hire of Verandahs includes the verandahs of houses, the garden bathroom and the gardens and lawns surrounding the houses. Both houses are closed and locked prior to wedding/event guest’s arrival on the day. One access door in each house will remain unlocked for the accommodation guests staying at the property. Caterers, suppliers and wedding/event guests will have no access to the houses on the day of the event unless special arrangements have been made with Verandahs Management.


  1. Health & Safety

Due to Health & Safety issues, the cabana and pool area are not included in the venue hire for weddings or events.


  1. Wedding/Event Planner or Coordinator

An Event Planner is highly recommended for all weddings or events. If you are planning the wedding/event yourself an On Day Event Coordinator is compulsory and must be involved with the final planning at least two (2) weeks prior to the wedding/event day. The Event Planner or On Day Coordinator must be experienced, and can demonstrate their ability to run events diligently and in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. Wedding or Event Planners and On Day Coordinators cannot be a member or relative of the family or a guest of the wedding or event. Details of the chosen Event Planner or On Day Coordinator must be forwarded to Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager as soon as they have been engaged and/or no later than 6 weeks prior to the wedding/event day. The Event Planner or On Day Coordinator must be present for the duration of the event and ensure that all guests and caterers/suppliers adhere to these Terms & Conditions. They are also responsible for ensuring that the verandahs and gardens are left in the manner in which they were found prior to the event date. Failure to replace any Verandahs furniture that may have been moved or to clean/remove any event rubbish or decorations, may result in an extra cleaning fee being charged and deducted from the Clients security bond. A Verandahs supplier information sheet will be forwarded to the Event Planner or Client six (6) weeks prior to the event day and the completed copy is to be returned to Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager four (4) weeks prior to the event day. The event coordinator must be on duty until the completion of the wedding/event and all suppliers have left the property. A Verandahs Venue Manager will be onsite on the day of the wedding or event (at no cost to the Client) and will be available to assist with any issues that may arise with the venue or vendors onsite.

  1. Catering

Verandahs carport (situated between the Verandah House and the Studio House) has been equipped with extra lighting, power points, non-slip floor coverings and pull down shades for caterers use. Access to water is situated behind the carport. Caterers have easy access to verandahs and gardens for serving purposes. Caterers have no access to either house for any reason. All caterers must have the mandatory insurance policies in place and hold valid NSW Responsible Serving of Alcohol licenses.

  1. Children/Babysitters

Children are welcome at the wedding ceremony and reception/event however, for health & safety reasons, children 12 years and under require babysitters (one babysitter for every four children) Babysitters are required to be on site from the start of the wedding reception. If babysitters need to be hired, the cost associated with the babysitters is the responsibility of the Client. The babysitters and children have use of the Studio House lounge room and dining area only for their meals and to watch DVD’s during the wedding or event. Children can be served food in the Studio House under supervision.

  1. Utilities

A generator is required for marquee style weddings or events where excessive lighting and equipment is required and may be required for larger weddings or events where larger than “normal” electricity usage is required for excess lighting, styling, catering needs or entertainment. This will be determined by the Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager after discussing the requirements in full with the Event Planner, stylist or lighting and audio supplier. The cost associated with the hire of the generator will be at the expense of the Client. Outdoor power points are situated around both verandahs and gardens. No access to internal power points by extension cords is given to suppliers or caterers. Suppliers are to cover any extension leads and cords that run across lawns and/or verandahs with non-staining or damaging safety tape which is to be completely removed at the end of the event.

  1. Verandahs Furniture and Accessories

The use of any furniture or accessories from either house is not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made with Verandahs Management. Depending on the requirements for use of furniture or accessories, a charge may apply. Some out-door furniture is available for use on the day as advised on the day of the client viewing of the property. The furniture on the verandahs of the Verandah House must not be taken off the verandahs. A charge may apply if this is occurs. Any damage done to Verandahs furniture or accessories will be paid for by the Client and deducted from the security bond.

  1. Toilet Facilities

Included in the venue hire, is the use of the Garden Bathroom on the verandahs of the Verandah House on the day of the event. The supply of toilet paper and amenities for the Garden Bathroom is included in the wedding/events package rates. Additional mobile bathrooms will need to be hired by the client and at the cost to the client as follows:

01   to   40 guests – no mobile toilet required

41   to   80 guests – 1 mobile toilet required

81   to 100 guests – 2 mobile toilets required

101 to 130 guests – 3 mobile toilets required

Supply of toilet paper and amenities for the mobile toilets is the responsibility of the Client.

  1. Marquees

A Marquee is required for a seated reception with over 80 guests and will be erected in the top gardens. In the event that it has been raining prior to or on set up day, all equipment pertaining the set-up of the marquee is to be “walked” to the marquee sight as no trucks are permitted to drive on the lawns in wet weather unless special permission has been granted by Verandahs Management. The marquee must be packed down no later than the first working day after the wedding or event unless other arrangements have been made with Verandahs. The pack down of the marquee is to follow the same guidelines for assembling the marquee (see above)

  1. Parking & Traffic

As parking is limited at Verandahs, the Client will provide transportation by shuttle/mini buses for all guests attending the event for arrival and departure. Six (6) car spaces only will be allocated to accommodation guests and special needs vehicles on the day. All suppliers parking on the property will be required to park their cars/vans in the large shed at the bottom of the driveway and fourteen (14) car spaces in total will be allocated to suppliers and guest staying at Verandahs. The parking of the vehicles in the shed will be the responsibility of the On Day Coordinator. This restriction is not negotiable as there is no area for parking at Verandahs and there is no street parking. Mini buses only are to be used as double decker buses or larger buses cannot access the driveway or the turn- round point for buses. It is the Client and/or the wedding or events On Day Coordinators responsibility to ensure that no cars or buses are driven on the lawns or parked on lawn areas and that all guests have left the property by 11.00pm. Mini buses must be booked for a (no later than) 10.30 pm pick up for 60 guests or less and 10.15pm for 60+ guests in order to have all guest leave by 11.00pm. The name of the bus company engaged and the company’s contact person is to be included on the suppliers list.

  1. Smoking

A no smoking policy is enforced on the verandahs and/or inside the Verandah House or the Studio House. All cigarette butts must be collected and disposed of as part of the after wedding/function or event cleaning as described in the below paragraph.

  1. Confetti

The use of confetti (even biodegradeable) of any description is not permitted at Verandahs. Rose petals are permitted on the lawns however, only light coloured rose petals are permitted on the verandahs or paved and/or cement areas of the property. As confetti of any kind is not permittable, a charge will apply for the cleaning and clearing of such if used at weddings or events.

  1. Special Ceremonies or Traditions

Any special ceremonies or religious traditions carried out before/during or after the ceremony or reception which may involve lounder than usual noise or sound, special props or devices of any form are to be discussed with Verandahs prior to signing these Terms and Conditions. Verandahs respects all customs, traditions and religions but needs to have a full understanding and details of such to ensure the safety of guests, the protection and potential damage and hazards to the verandahs, lawns and surrounding properties. As the Byron district operatates under strict noise controls we need to ensure noise levels are contained.

  1. Cleaning & Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal from the verandahs, gardens and all outdoor areas is the responsibility of the Client. All cost relating to rubbish removal is the Clients cost. As there are limited rubbish pick-ups by Council in the Byron hinterland, additional wheelie bins must be hired for all wedding/event rubbish at the cost of Client. An additional cleaning fee may apply to any excess internal cleaning including removal and  breaking down of excess boxes, cartons, packing foam and paper, florist foliage, or replacing of Verandahs furniture which has not be put back in its original place.

  1. Party Hire Equipment

It is the Client’s/ Wedding/Events Planners or On Day Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that all “party hire” equipment is removed by the first working day after the wedding/event and to ensure the property is returned to its original state. It is the responsibility of the Event Planner/On Day Coordinator to ensure that all decorations and wedding rubbish around the property is removed prior to accommodation guest’s check out date. Failure to arrange this may result in an additional cleaning fee being deducted from the security bond.

  1. Insurances

We require proof, fourteen (14) days prior to the wedding/function or event of Client’s Public Liability Insurance policy for a minimum of $5 million dollars for the event day only. If proof of insurance is not presented within this time period, Verandahs reserves the right to cancel the wedding/function or event. The insurance policy must cover the bride and groom, their families and all guests of the wedding/event for the day of the event only. The catering company and the wedding/function or event company must hold current Public Liability and other mandatory insurances and licenses under NSW Law. – NO responsibility is taken for guests’ personal property left on the premises. Landlord’s insurance does not cover (accommodation guests) loss of or damage to guests’ belongings.

  1. Verandahs Rights

The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd/Verandahs accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any property belonging to the client or the client’s guests, including hire equipment and all items that are on site. We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to exclude or remove any undesirable persons from the event or premises without liability.

  1. Client Responsibilities

The Client shall conduct the wedding/function or event in an orderly manner and in full compliance with The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd. Terms and Condition and in accordance with all applicable Laws.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiting of security bond. The Client or representatives of Client may not drill, hammer, glue or attach in any way any decorations/lighting or any other event related equipment to the ceilings, walls, pillars or verandahs without prior notification to Verandahs Management however, if permitted, Client will be responsible for removing them. The Client is also be responsible for any interior or exterior damage incurred by their guests or wedding planner/function or events coordinator to house(s) and/or grounds and costs involved in the repair remain the Clients. Filming of Verandahs for use in any promotion or advertising may not be done without The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd. prior consent. Use of candles, sparklers or any products that may prove to be a fire hazard before, during or after the event, must be pre-approved by Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager. The use of these items must be included in the event run sheet.

  1. Music

Music to be played at the ceremony and/or reception including live musicians, bands, DJ’s and pre recorded music must be approved by Verandahs prior to engaging them for your wedding day. As there are very strict rules enforced by Byron Shire Council, all music must be approved by Verandahs to ensure noise restrictions comply in the Byron area. Failing to notify Verandahs of your music/entertainment choice prior to paying your final balance could result in the cancellation of your music/entertainment choice. Additional Terms & Conditions need to be signed by your chosen music/entertainment Vendor and returned to Verandahs no later than 30 days from event date.  Please see T&C’s attached as APPENDIX B of these Terms & Conditions. The Music/Entertainment Terms and Conditions will be emailed by Verandahs to the Clients music Vendor of choice. It is the Clients responsibility to also read, understand and comply with the Music Vendors Terms of Business.

If iPods or pre-recorded play lists are to be used for the music, it must be managed by the Client’s On Day Coordinator. No wedding guest, friend of the family or family member can be in charge of the music at any time. The company supplying the music for the event must be a reputable recognized supplier of music and sound. It is preferred that only companies from the Byron Bay area are used at the event.

  1. Curfews

All weddings or events must be completed by 11.00pm. Music, whether live bands or sound system, must have volume reduced to audible level by 10.00 pm and completely turned off by 10.30 pm. Failure to adhere to the curfew times may result in loss of or part of the security deposit. The On Day Coordinator is responsible for adhering to these curfew times. The Wedding or Event Coordinator or On Day Coordinator must be on duty until the completion of the wedding and all suppliers have left the property. All guests (excluding accommodation guests) must arrive and depart via shuttle/mini bus or taxi.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation can be included in the wedding or events hire fee. A minimum of three (3) night’s stay is required for weddings, unless agreed by Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager. Well-appointed accommodation in the Verandah House and the Studio House is available (a maximum of nine (9) guests) for accommodation rental before, during and/or after weddings or events. On the day of the wedding or event, the booked accommodation guests have access to the houses but no other guests attending the wedding or event are permitted to use the houses unless permission has been given by the Verandahs Wedding & Events Manager. The number of guests sleeping overnight must not exceed the number of guests specified in the booking sheet and failure to adhere to this result in a charge of $200 per person per night.

  1. Extending Your Stay

You are required to contact Verandahs on 0433 141 437 if you wish to extend your stay before it will be accepted.

  1. Pool & Cabana

For the safety of accommodation guests, the pool and cabana area is a “plastic only” area, which means no glass is allowed in this area. There are plastic wine/champagne and water glasses in the Verandah House for use in the pool and cabana areas. If glass is found in the pool, the cost to drain the pool and refill will be deducted from the security bond. All precautions and all pool safety regulations have been taken by Verandahs to keep the pool area safe for guests. It remains the responsibility of guests to ensure that the pool gates are closed at all times and the safety of children remains the responsibility of guests. Guests will not hold Verandahs or The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd. responsible or liable for any accidents involving negligence. The pool cleaner visits Verandahs every Wednesday to clean the pool. 

  1. Strata Title

The Tenant and any guests are in a residential area and regard must be paid to neighbors and neighborhood regulations.

  1. Pets

Family pets are welcome however, must be disclosed at time of booking. Please see Appendix A for conditions under which pets are welcome at Verandahs.

  1. Unsuitable Accommodation

The premises are let in good faith and Verandahs is careful not to misrepresent the details of the holiday rental property. Verandahs will not be held responsible for changes to and/or items removed from the property after the time of booking. No refund is given if you are unsatisfied with your accommodation. Guests must accept premises as “booked”.

  1. Noise is a serious issue in Byron Bay

Good neighborly conduct is encouraged and tenants must not make excessive noise and play loud music. All music must be turned down to audible level by 10.00 pm and care taken if you are outside as noise travels. Disregard for this will result in heavy fines imposed by Byron Shire Council. If security personnel or police are called to a noise complaint at Verandahs you will be evicted immediately, there will be no refund of tariff and no return of your security deposit.

  1. Call-out Fee

If a staff member is called out (for example following a noise complaint),a $150.00 call-out fee will be incurred by the Tenant which is payable before the end of the tenancy.

  1. Damage and Breakages

All damage, breakages or losses to the property, furniture and furnishings are to be reported to Verandahs upon check-out and (if required) the cost to repair or replace damage or loss will be deducted from the security bond or paid before the end of the tenancy if the cost of repair or replacement is significant. Should the Tenant discover a default or breakage on arrival please advise Verandahs immediately otherwise we will consider this to have been the responsibility of the current Tenant and will be charged accordingly.

  1. Appliance/Fixtures Repairs

Verandahs endeavors to have any repairs to appliances or other fixtures attended to as soon as possible. However, in some unforeseen circumstances the immediate repair may be beyond our control. Verandahs or The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd. for the consequences of any such unforeseen circumstances takes no responsibility. There will be no refund or discounts deducted from tariffs for unusable appliances or items awaiting repair or replacement.

  1. Caretaker

The gardens are extensive at Verandahs and require regular maintenance so you may see during yoru stay, the caretaker/gardener(s) around from time to time during your stay. The pool is maintained every Wednesday.

  1. Breach of Conditions

Any breach of the above conditions permits Verandahs to refuse the release of keys, amend the rent of the premises and immediately terminate the tenancy.

  1. Cancellation Terms

In the event of a cancellation, Verandahs will retain a fee as follows:

In the event of a cancellation of a wedding, event or accommodation, no refund of the deposit will be issued. Initial 50% deposit is not refundable if the booking is cancelled within ninety (90) days of your stay. If you do cancel the booking at any time after a deposit has been paid a $150 admin fee applies. If the booking is cancelled less than thirty (30) days prior to check-in date and the full amount has been paid, any refund is subject to a confirmed re-booking of the premises for the total period booked. If no re-booking can be made no refund will be given. In the unfortunate event Verandahs has to cancel your booking a full refund will be made. In the unfortunate event Verandahs has to cancel your booking a full refund will be made.

  1. Payment & Bond

We regret we cannot accept personal cheques or credit cards, all payments via bank transfer to:

Account Name:      The House of Morgan Pty. Ltd.

Bank:                                            ANZ Bank

BSB:                                               012006

Account Number:                    213457709

Reference:                          Use your name


We require the following:
The balance of the payment by bank transfers thirty (30) days prior to check-in date. The bond is due seven (7) working days prior to check in date or event date (whichever comes first)

If a complaint is received concerning the conduct of persons letting the property a warning of breach of Conditions will be given. A second visit will result in instant eviction with loss of any remaining rental.


Appendix A: Pets


Verandahs does not allow pets on the property without prior written consent from the owner/managers and will evaluate permission on a case-by-case basis.  All pets are to remain outside, however, small and toy breeds may be allowed inside following specific approval.  If approval is granted, guests must ensure their dog/pet(s):


  • Is groomed to avoid malting and is cleaned prior to entering the house to avoid marks to the property
  • Have had up to date worming, flea treatments, and vaccinations
  • Has had nails trimmed to avoid scratches to the floors and furnishings
  • Does not jump up on beds, furniture or rugs (indoors or outdoors)
  • Is not be left unattended at Verandahs as excessive barking may result in complaints from neighbours


Additional cleaning charges may apply should pet hair, urine, fleas or any evidence (including smell) of the pet be left behind when guests leave. It is advised for pets to wear tick/flea collars, as ticks are prevalent to the Byron Shire.


It is the clients responsibility to pick up all dog droppings, bag and dispose of these in the outdoor bins provided. Additional cleaning charges may apply if this is not done effectively.


Verandahs accepts no responsibility for death of, loss of, injury or sickness to pets during the accommodation period – Please be aware that Verandahs has not designed the garden area/ fencing to be pet friendly

Full and sole responsibility for the pet and its actions lie with the pet owner and upon acceptance of Verandahs Terms and Conditions the guests agree that no legal action (including payment of veterinary accounts) will be taken against the landlord and that no discussion will be entered into.



Appendix B: Music/Entertainment/Sound Vendors Terms & Conditions


Byron Bay venues and private properties have been offering wedding couples and event groups the unique and diverse opportunity to hold their events in and around the Byron area and community for years and it is still a growing and evolving industry offering a huge number of opportunities for vendors to showcase their talents and provide these clients with an experience second to none.


This opportunity we all enjoy must come with certain rules and guidelines that we must all adhere to too ensure our continued success and reputation as a major event destination. Without these rules and guidelines, we are not protected and to ignore or disregard would be business suicide for each and every vendor involved.


Noise and noise violation is the major concern in the Byron Bay district and therefore, is the most monitored by the Byron Shire Council and venue owners jointly. There is absolutely no negotiation or leniency on these restrictions and no complaint by a member of the community will be overlooked by Council.


Each Venue has their own terms and conditions of venue hire to suit their specific businesses but when it comes to noise tolerance and restriction of the music played at their venues we are all in agreeance.


The following is a list of conditions around noise tolerance Verandahs has in place. If you could read these conditions thoroughly and sign and email back to Verandahs prior to accepting a deposit from your prospective clients that would be greatly appreciated.


Musicians and DJ’s – Terms & Conditions


The following guidelines are to be adhered to under all circumstances unless special permission and approval has been given by the owner of Verandahs in writing.


  1. All musicians must contact Verandahs prior to accepting a deposit from the client for approval of the intended music to be played on the day.


  1. Drums and wind instruments are on consideration only.
  2. The maximum noise level is 90 decibels directly in front of music and 65 decibels around the perimeters of the property.


  1. The Verandahs Venue Manager will strictly monitor these levels and if need be, advise you (once only) to turn down the music so the volume meets the required decibels. If these requirements are not adhered too immediately the Verandahs Venue Manager will have the authority to cease the music completely.
  2. Music is to be turned down at 10.00 pm and completely turned off at 10.30 pm. This is not negotiable on the night if speeches run over time or interruptions by weather or other activities occur. It is the responsibility of the DJ or musicians to inform the guests that the music will cease at 10.30 pm. The On Day Coordinator or Verandahs Venue Manager will advise you 15 minutes before each of the above times so that you have time to complete sets etc.


  1. Your credit card details are required for security. A $1,000 fine may be imposed if Terms & Conditions are not met and the day Verandahs Coordinator’s instructions are not met.
  2. It is your responsibility to arrange for a site inspection of Verandahs or to view the map outlining the designated music area to determine your power access points, wet weather options, set up feasibility and access points for bumping in and packing down, lighting requirements and general safety of your equipment and band members.
  3. On the day of the event, all equipment is to be unloaded in the driveway and carried to the designated site. No vehicles are to be driven onto the lawns unless prior approval by Verandahs has been given. Your vehicle is to be moved immediately after unloading to your designated car space advised by the Verandahs On-day Coordinator. As there is limited parking spaces at Verandahs, carpooling is strongly advised.
  4. All equipment must be provided by the musicians.